À votre santé! Burgundian drops an old-world Europe experience into a modern American context.

Scope   Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Illustration, Merch, Signage & Environmental Graphics, Web Site

Burgundian offers the kind of fare that makes you want to hang out for a while. The idea began to brew when our client, Shane Matlock, was stationed on the border of France and Belgium while serving as an officer in the U.S. Army. There, he cultivated a love for the tastes and unhurried lifestyle of Europe’s street side cafés.

Burgundian Truck

Returning from overseas, armed with an authentic Liége waffle recipe—a gift from a Belgium street vendor—Shane took his concept to the streets of America, serving up his dough-based waffles out of the enthusiastically-followed Burgundian truck.

In short time, dreams of a storefront café became reality and we were asked to help with the expansion. We worked with Burgundian to develop strategy, establish the brand platform and build a strong identity that would grow with them as they made the shift from a “waffle truck” to a multi-service experience. One that brings people together to enjoy “well-traveled street food” and celebrate genuine friendship.

Chum blended old-world European charm with a fresh, modern aesthetic resulting in a brand that is perfectly tailored to our goals. The new brand signals that we are ready to graduate from scrappy startup to a lifestyle brand primed for growth.

Shane Matlock, Owner, Burgundian

Burgundian’s revenue tripled in the year following the rebrand.

The rebrand provided the foundation for launching 4 new revenue platforms: restaurant, retail, wholesale, food tourism.